Always correct FTL transport
FTL transport – Full-load deliveries
If you need one or more Full Truck Loads (FTL) of goods to be delivered to a customer somewhere in Europe or Scandinavia, DTK A/S is the logical place to start. We have more than 250 vehicles in DTK Group. So we’re sure to also have one that’s suitable for the goods you need transported. Contact us without delay and get safe and secure GPS-tracked transport of your goods to your customers.
If you need to have a full truckload (or FTL) of goods delivered to your customers, you’ll of course be interested in finding a transport partner that has the right equipment and the right organisation to transport your goods, no matter where in Europe and Scandinavia they’re to be delivered. Furthermore, you’ll also want to be sure that you can follow your truckload all the way to the customer and receive a message from the carrier as soon as the goods have been delivered to the customer’s address.


Always correct FTL transport

This applies in particular if you need delivery of special transports such as:

    • refrigerated goods
    • time-critical goods such as vegetables
    • beverages
    • paper
    • large building materials or construction elements
    • elements for the wind turbine industry
    • steel or steel structures
    • machinery
    • industrial goods
    • hazardous goods

and other articles and types of goods that require specialist transport equipment.

Get secure and correct transport with DTK A/S

If you choose DTK A/S as provider of your full-load transport, you get a professional transport partner in which all these requirements go without saying. Via our parent company DTK Group we have more than 250 trucks at our disposal. This means that we can satisfy any transport need, regardless of how unusual the goods are that we’re carrying.

We thus have:

  • Box & refrigerator trailers for sensitive, high-value and temperature-regulated goods
  • ADR-certified and A-certified equipment
  • XL trailers with height-adjustable roof for volume transport
  • Joloda and PaperLiner trailers
We also handle warehousing and logistics
Furthermore, we have – via DTK Group A/S – the possibility to take care of your complete warehousing, logistics and transport needs. We’re thus responsible for warehousing and logistics for some of the biggest businesses in Southern Jutland, in addition to which we can provide container unloading, storage and other warehousing and logistics tasks for you.
At DTK A/S a deal’s a deal that you can trust
However, it isn’t only precision and correct transport equipment our customers get when they choose us as a provider of FTL transport. We’re also known for our completely flat and always service-minded organisation, in which every single employee and customer contact has the requisite decision-making competence to arrange precisely the transport you need. All our customers are assigned a permanent contact person. This means that you don’t have to start from scratch every time or run the risk that the employee makes the wrong decision because he doesn’t know either you or your business. This makes it much more secure, much faster and more flexible to order FTL transport from us. So contact DTK A/S today and get precisely the full-load transport solution you need.


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