Warehousing and logistics
Storage hotel or business partner

Regardless of whether you need a storage hotel or a business partner to take care of all your warehousing or logistics needs, DTK A/S is the logical choice. We have a total of 16,000 m2 of frost-proof, high-bay warehouses at two locations in Padborg in Southern Jutland and Harrislee in Flensburg, Germany, respectively. So if you need a trustworthy business partner, we’re the one to contact.

Are you facing temporary or permanent challenges in terms of storage and logistics? Or do you have an acute task such as unloading containers, or do you need help for storage or distribution of a major customer order?

Then DTK A/S can help. We offer all types of warehousing and logistics solutions on both the Danish and German side of the border. Our warehouses have a central location on either side of the border facing directly onto the motorway networks in Southern Jutland and Northern Germany respectively. It makes us quick and easy to find, and we can quickly get the goods back out on the road again and out to your customers.

We offer everything within warehousing, logistics and distribution

Several of Denmark’s biggest and smallest businesses have already discovered this. We’re best known for our flexibility and ability to execute – also when things have to be done quickly or when an acute need arises. At the same time, we have equipment designed for a large number of specialist tasks, thus enabling our customers to save on investment in expensive specialist equipment.

We can thus help with everything in terms of:

  • Container and trailer unloading
  • Repacking and film-wrapping
  • Display packaging
  • Warehouse and storage hotel solutions
  • Distribution
  • Complete warehousing and logistics solutions

Container and trailer unloading

With its location at Padborg Transportcenter facing directly onto the E45 motorway, DTK A/S is a logical choice when you receive large batches of goods that need to be unloaded, stored or distributed. We can deal with all types of general cargo and batches of goods in both containers and semi-trailers.

Repacking and film-wrapping

If there’s a need for repacking and application of shrink wrap film prior to onward distribution, we can also manage this. When film-wrapping we use our own shrink tunnel which can shrink wrap several items simultaneously.

Display packaging

We can also pack the goods in sales displays and take care of the distribution of these directly to the shops concerned. This means that you can quickly get new batches of goods ready for sale without tying up your own warehouse resources.

Warehouse and storage hotel solutions

We offer everything all the way from storage hotel solutions for businesses with modest storage needs to complete solutions in which we provide all warehousing and logistics solutions. You thereby save on the expense of construction of your own warehouse facilities and take advantage of the economies of scale we offer our customers.

For example, our warehouses are manned 24 hours a day. This enables you to receive and dispatch deliveries round the clock without placing a burden on your own personnel.


We’re also the obvious solution if you need distribution of individual batches of goods to both Danish and foreign customers. Or if you need to find a business partner that can take care of all the practical aspects concerning distribution of your products.

We can react quickly and effectively to acute distribution needs. So if the latest marketing campaign has generated a need for extra hands in terms of distribution, we’re ready to help.

Complete warehousing and logistics solutions

We also provide complete warehousing, logistics and distribution solutions in which we take over all your stock operations. This can comprise everything from handling of semi-manufacture and raw materials for your production to packing and distribution of the finished goods. Everything is of course covered – including FIFO management, batch management, barcode management and location management.

We execute complete warehousing, logistics and distribution solutions for several multinational groups, as well as small firms in Southern Jutland – and we also have the capacity to help you.

Optimum and secure conditions

Our warehousing and logistics department is distributed between two locations in Padborg and Harrislee, Germany, respectively. In total, we have 16,000 m2 of frost-proof, high-bay warehouses with covered loading facilities.

Security is paramount. In Padborg the area in front of and around the warehouses is floodlit, fenced in and has video surveillance. All access to the warehouse takes place via coded doors and gates.

Due to this high level of security, our warehouses in Padborg are approved as customs warehouses.

The warehouses are divided up according to product categories and approved by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration for the storage and handling of foodstuffs. With regard to foodstuffs we provide particularly high shelf life management, which ensures that your customers always receive fresh produce.

At the same time we can handle hazardous goods in small amounts, in addition to which our warehouses are AEO and ADR-certified.

A warehousing and logistics partner you can grow with

Regardless of your need for warehousing and logistics solutions, DTK A/S is the logical choice. We have the capacity to match your needs even though you grow – and grow rapidly. So by choosing us, you’re certain that you can always continue to use the same warehousing and logistics partner – even when y


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